DakkaDakkaStore - take part in the Horus Heresy tournament!

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DakkaDakkaStore - take part in the Horus Heresy tournament!

We are excited to announce that DakkaDakkaStore is sponsoring the Horus Heresy event, which is organised by Frorida Heresy team. This year’s annual event is being hosted in sunny Ocala, FL at Bearded Browncoat Comics and games.

horus heresy tournament

Heresy community, are you here? Here is a great chance not only to make the galaxy burn, but also to find new friends (or foes), have fun and get some sweet prizes. 

  • Event specific loot from sponsors
  • Professional Photos of your army!
  • Event Competitions and many more

You can read about this event here.

We are glad to take part in this event as it plays an important part in bringing together the community of creators, dreamers, tactitions and warhammer fans from many different cities and states, who are interested in the topic of Horus Heresy, and provides the opportunity for the exchange of ideas and opinions.
warhammer tournament
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