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When the armies of the Imperium march to war, they are often accompanied by Preachers - men of absolute faith who seek to bring righteous retribution to all those who fight against the Emperor of Humans.

They lead by example and gladly martyr themselves on blood-soaked fields - to them there is no higher calling than fighting alongside the Emperor's armies.

They lead with such righteous rage that all around them are inspired to fight harder and better in the name of the Emperor. It is a foolish enemy who things they can out-fight a fanatical Clerics and his most loyal followers.


  • Material: high quality resin.
  • Miniatures Type: Preacher
  • Height: 28mm from feet to eyes
  • Scaled for 28mm tabletop

3D model designed by Ghamak.

Made to order. Miniatures are unpainted, unassembled, without bases. Miniatures for tabletop games and collecting. We are licenced merchant of this 3D models.


The product will be packed in multi-layer bubble wrap and placed in a cardboard box. For defective and lost orders, we have a delivery guarantee. For more details, visit our FAQ at