Death Division Stuff for Terrain and Dioramas (Bundle)

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If you want to replace any miniature, then write to us and we will see if this is possible or offer an alternative option.

The Death Division Stuff for Terrain and Diorama (Bundle) consists of:

1. Death Division Slain Warriors- 10 models (walls included)

2. 20 laserguns without box

3. 5 large and 10 small wooden boxes

4. 5 boxes with projectiles

5. 5 boxes with stubber magazines

6. 5 boxes with a lid and 3 mines in it each

7. 10 cartridges

      • Material: high quality resin.
      • Miniatures Type: Bundle
      • Collection/Faction: Death Division
      • Scaled for 28 mm tabletop.

3D models designed by RedMakers miniatures

Made to order. Miniatures are unpainted, unassembled, without bases. Miniatures for tabletop games and collecting. We are licenced merchant of this 3D models.


The product will be packed in multi-layer bubble wrap and placed in a cardboard box. For defective and lost orders, we have a delivery guarantee. For more details, visit our FAQ at