Goblins Meat Squad

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"What’s it? What’s it? Give me the shiny."

Goblins are basically a smaller subspecies of Orcs, who are more cowardly than normal Orcs and are usually used as living shields, to clear mine fields, are stepped on to get through difficult terrain, and sometimes even as emergency rations. Goblins are quite low in the strict hierarchy of Orc society because of their small size and are often used for the dirtiest jobs like scavenging and being used as the football when the bigger Orcs get bored.

While they are not as aggressive as standard Orcs, they enjoy fighting weaker opponents and are less likely to flee if they comfortably outnumber their opponents. If a Goblin is particularly wealthy, he may purchase a second-hand, worn-down, low-tech gun. These guns are mainly to reassure the Goblin that they have a chance of killing something, provided they remember which way to hold the gun.


10 models squad.

  • Material: high quality resin
  • Height: 20mm from the feet to the eyes
  • Scaled for 28mm tabletop
  • 25mm bases included

3D models designed by DakkaDakka.store. Miniatures for tabletop games and collecting. Other sizes discussed individually.

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