Paladin Crusader

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The Crusader is a warrior of incomparable zeal and fury, hunting down heretics and making them regret all their life choices.


Pose variations: Pose 1 (sword swing), Pose 2 (sword up)

Height variations: 40mm (game), 60mm, 80mm from feet to eyes


  • Material: high quality resin.
  • Scaled for 28mm tabletop
  • 3D model designed by 3DArtGuy

Made to order. Miniatures are unpainted, unassembled, with base. Miniatures for tabletop games and collecting. We are licenced merchant of this 3D models.

Paladin Crusader 2 poses 3D printed high quality knight miniature for 28mm tabletop wargame


The product will be packed in multi-layer bubble wrap and placed in a cardboard box. For defective and lost orders, we have a delivery guarantee. For more details, visit our FAQ.