The Successor of the War Lord

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The Successor of the War Lord, more commonly known as the Destroyer, is the War master of Chaos, and rumoured to be the clone-progeny of the War Lord.


Imposing in almost every way, he was possessed a particularly deep voice, was taller, stronger and bulkier than the average Space Warrior, and wore his long black hair in a strikingly tall topknot when not using a helmet. He had similar facial features to those of War Lord, particularly the widely spaced eyes and long, straight nose. He often wore a large black wolf-pelt over his Power Armor, to which he also attached a cloak upon occasion. 

  • Material: high quality resin.
  • Height from feet to eyes: 50mm (original)
  • Scaled for 28mm tabletop


3D model designed by 3DArtGuy

Made to order. Miniatures are unpainted, unassembled, with base. Miniatures for tabletop games and collecting. We are licenced merchant of this 3D models.


The product will be packed in multi-layer bubble wrap and placed in a cardboard box. For defective and lost orders, we have a delivery guarantee. For more details, visit our FAQ at