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Miniatures from players to players!

Greetingz, boyz and galz! We are a small team dedicated to wargaming and miniatures for it.

- High print quality: each miniature undergoes rigorous control before shipping.

- No cleanup required: ready to prime and paint

- Solid and durable: even if your minis fall down from the wartable, they will be unbroken and ready to fight again. Just do not overdo it, please.

- Open to dialog: if you want something special, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have a license for each mini you can see in this shop.


We are manually check the quality of each miniature we have print. Wash and clean it by ourselves - just to provide you the best quality.


It is important for us that you definitely receive your order and are satisfied with it. We guarantee delivery of the package.


Excellent details, original poses and plots, different sizes: everything to gather your own perfect collection for wargame!